Painting this sweet 'lil lady has been on my to-do list since before last Christmas. SO...I finally did it. Honor is my niece. She has crazy hair and a crazy personality to match. Love this girl.
approximately 11"x8.5" watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic on cold press watercolor paper
This series was commissioned by a gentleman as an anniversary gift to his wife of 25 years. They are a wonderful couple -a great example both of a solid marriage and a solid faith.
24"x18" acrylic on wood panel
all are 6"x6" acrylic on wood panel




It was such a pleasure to paint this smiling face -commissioned by some friends back in Columbus, OH. 
12"x9" watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic on cold press watercolor paper
I actually painted Flynn's older brother, Wilson, previously (see below). Now they each have one. I can't decide which little guy is cuter.




9"x9" acrylic on 1.5" depth canvas 
This piece was commissioned as a 1st year anniversary present. It was painted from a photo taken on the couple's honeymoon in Greece.

On marriage: Happily, I've had quite a few commissions recently having to do with weddings and anniversaries. And in November my husband and I will celebrate our five year anniversary. At the same time, divorce -or simply marital difficulties- are beginning to surface more frequently among my peers. It reminds me not to take the relationship that I have for granted. It reminds me that relationships take work and some people are just lucky (I consider myself to be in this category) enough to land in a well-balanced union with a best friend; a relationship in which both people are interested in putting in the work necessary.

...All of this is culminating in my feeling honored to commemorate the marriages of others with my paintings and appreciative for the intimate and loving relationship that I have been blessed with in my husband. 
On the 18th I had the pleasure of participating in the Montana Art & Music Festival in Santa Monica. Here's a pic that a gentleman was nice enough to mail to me after:
As you can see, I had a table set up outside on the sidewalk and then I also had my larger paintings set up inside ABS. Any chance that I have to get my big paintings seen is relished and the ladies at ABS were such wonderful hosts.

PS: If you are interested in viewing some of my larger pieces in person just message me and we'll arrange a studio visit!




I did this painting back in December and forgot to post it. The image is not very good as I took it with my phone (I know: bad, bad).
"Gia" is actually the third pet portrait I've completed for this customer. It is so good to know that a painting can bring such joy to someone. You can see the two other pet portraits I've completed for this customer here.
I had the pleasure of completing the below painting for a bride -to be given as a wedding gift to her new husband. (Apparently their first date was at the Santa Monica Pier and it -the date- was kind of a flop...So this is a reminder that awkward beginnings can sometimes lead to something quite wonderful.) 
24"x30" acrylic on 1.5" depth canvas
24" x 36" acrylic on canvas
commissioned portrait
This portrait was commissioned by my friend Troy. This piece is one of the largest portraits that I've painted -and I really enjoyed doing it. I put off starting it for  quite a while but once I dove in it nearly painted itself.

Here is a close-up of little Eliot:
9"x9" acrylic on 2" depth canvas, return edge white
purchase here for $165
9"x9" acrylic on 2" depth canvas, return edge white
purchase here for $115